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The Sun Prairie Dream Park is open for playground fun! 


The Sun Prairie Dream park has restrooms complete with baby changing tables and are open from May 15th until October 15th. Just look for the colorful mural-covered building at the bottom of the hill!

Bathrooms at the Sun Prairie Dream Park.


Visitors to the Dream Park can find parking in our 27-stall parking lot (handicapped stalls available) on the east side of the playground. Additional parking can be found along the road or on the west side of the playground at the bottom of the hill. The parking lot is closed from December 1st until March 1st to save money on plowing costs and keep our parking lot in good condition.

Please note: Busses are welcome and are encouraged to park on the west side of the playground at the bottom of the hill for children’s safety and easy turn around.

Find yourself famished after hours of play at the dream park? No matter the type of food you crave, Sun Prairie has a wide range of options available.  Many of them even deliver to the dream park! Click on the links below to view menus and find out more.


Bean’s and Cream

Eddie’s Ale House

Full Mile

Glass Nickel Pizza

Guimo’s Mexican Restaurant

Meze Mediterranean

Nitty Gritty





Want more to explore?  Sun Prairie is filled with great educational and creative things to do.   After spending a few hours at the dream park, grab some lunch and check out these great places for fun ideas to add to your Sun Prairie adventure!

Angell Park Speedway

Board & Brush

Dolphin’s Cove at Prairie Athletic Club

Explore Children’s Museum

Family Aquatic Center

Meant to Bead

Prairie Kid’s Club

Sun Prairie Farmers Market

Sun Prairie Public Library

Sun Prairie Historical Museum

Sun Prairie Ice Arena

The Sun Prairie Dream Park is all about enjoying time with your family. Print out this scavenger hunt before your next visit to the park for a fun educational activity to complete with your kids.

Nothing stimulates a young mind like getting outside and exploring the world around them.  Begin your adventure in nature and unlock the secrets to everything from a positive effect on attention span to stress reduction to creativity, cognitive development, and a child’s sense of wonder and connection to the earth.

Image via Pexels

Resources for Helping Your Kids Form a Lifelong Love of Nature

Nature is a part of us, but the typical modern lifestyle means we spend less and less time outside. Adults can suffer from not spending time outdoors, but it affects children in an even more profound way. When kids don’t play outside enough, they’re less likely to appreciate nature and seek out wild places as adults.

Not only that, being disconnected from nature means kids miss out on countless opportunities to learn, be active, and find peace outdoors. The resources below can help you reverse this trend and get your kids to love and appreciate the great outdoors.

How to Help Your Kids Form an Appreciation of Nature

Turning Nature Appreciation into an Adventure

How to Make Your Backyard a Haven for Kids and Wildlife

When kids have enough opportunity and encouragement, they will start forming a love and appreciation of nature. Turning your backyard into an inviting play space is just the beginning.  By taking your kids on outdoor adventures, you can help them become outdoor adventurers, too.


Want to download this as a PDF?  Click here.

Fun Things to Do as a Family While Social Distancing During COVID-19


From observing the wildlife in your own backyard to pitching a tent at a local recreation area or state park, there are so many fun things to see and do as a family — and many can still be enjoyed while staying healthy and adhering to social distancing guidelines. For some safe, family-friendly ideas that will keep your kids busy throughout the remainder of the pandemic, read on!


Explore Your Own Backyard


Many activities and attractions are still off limits amid COVID-19, but your backyard provides you and your kids with plenty of space for playing games, observing wildlife, and having fun as a family — all while staying safe and healthy.


  • Encourage outdoor play by making your backyard more enjoyable for your kids. To help you do it, com offers 14 fun and easy ideas on its website.
  • Check out The Home-Based Safari Guide: How To Safely Observe Wildlife From Your Home. With these tips from Redfin, you’ll be on your way to observing the different types of animals that inhabit your backyard.
  • Don’t have a backyard of your own, or ready to mix things up a bit? Visit Sun Prairie Dream Park to enjoy a family picnic, scavenger hunt, or nature adventure.


Visit Local Parks, Trails, and Natural Wonders


Tired of lounging inside your home or out in your backyard? Visit a park, trail, or natural wonder near you.


  • Try getting kids outside with age-appropriate activities like weekly bike rides, nighttime hikes, animal watching excursions, and other family-friendly outings.
  • Enter your zip code on com to search for hiking, biking, and walking trails near you.
  • Visit the most beautiful natural wonder in the state where you live, or take a road trip to a neighboring state.
  • Pack up your family vehicle and set off on a road trip. The team at Business Insider offers some tips on planning your family trip and staying healthy while traveling by vehicle.


Camp Under the Stars


Looking for a change of scenery without putting your family’s health at risk or spending a whole lot of money on a weekend getaway? Plan a family camping trip!


  • Budget for a family camping trip and purchase all the supplies you’ll need to sleep under the stars. Typically, this will include a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooking utensils, and a camp stove.
  • Find a National Park Service (NPS) campground near you, but note that some locations are still closed amid COVID-19. Other campsites can be found at state parks, public recreation areas, and national forests.
  • Can’t find a local campground? Get tips on camping in your own backyard with this camping guide for families.
  • Play some family-friendly camping games, such as going on a scavenger hunt, observing the night sky, and racing in your sleeping bags.


Even in the midst of a pandemic, it’s important to have fun as a family and keep your minds and bodies as active as possible. From camping under the stars to visiting a local park or trail, this guide will provide you with nearly everything you need to have fun as a household while social distancing during COVID-19. Now get outside and enjoy some fresh air as a family!

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