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Volunteer painting playground at Sun Prairie Dream Park VOLUNTEER
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"My family absolutely loves this park. It has something for all ages. My kids are 8, 6 and 4 and they can all find a lot to do here. It's clean and well maintained and our first choice every time."

Kate, Sun Prairie
"I love this park and the idea that it was built by our community and is continually maintained and improved by our community.  If people have not visited it, I suggest that they do.  And if people want to get involved in a worthy endeavor and teach their children the importance of giving back to the community, this is the place to do it!!!!"
Sharlot, Sun Prairie

"The amount of heart that is put into this wonderful, unique, grass-roots park (NOT funded by the city) is evident in everything it has to offer. For 9 years now it's been a favorite of parents and kids from all around. Shaded in the tall trees of Angell Park, it has something for everyone."

Kyle, Sun Prairie

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Bathrooms are available and open to

the public at the Dream Park from

May 15th till October 15th. 

Well it was close but WE DID IT! In 3 weeks time, we raised $8,054.34! THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who donated $5 here or $50 there to help us reach our goal. THANK YOU to the little kids who donated their piggy bank change (yes, really!) and small businesses who gave big in such a tumultuous year. Most of all, THANK YOU to my dear friend Peter Yelk who has been an advocate for decades to better Sun Prairie Parks.

Our generous Matching Mystery Donor was an organization that Peter and a large handful of guys started in the early 90’s with the non-profit mission of making Sun Prairie parks better for all who visited. From buying and installing equipment to funding successful softball tournaments, this group of good guys did a lot of great things for Sun Prairie. As the group disbands this year and makes its final generous donation, I am truly honored that they chose the Sun Prairie Dream Park to add to their legacy.

Over the winter, the Board will be working hard to put this money to good work installing new picnic tables, equipment, rubber flooring and more. Please reach out to the Sun Prairie Dream Park Board anytime with questions or improvement suggestions by visiting

THANK YOU SUN PRAIRIE! This truly is a great place to live, work and most importantly PLAY!

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2 months ago

Sun Prairie Dream Park

Just 24 hours left in the
Mystery Matching Donor Campaign and just
$210 away from our goal!
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From treating all our giant Ash trees to prevent Emerald Ash Borer, to creating a mini orchard at the top of the hill, to planting new trees, to turning old stumps into art, we do all we can to preserve the beauty around the Dream Park and maintain that precious summer shade 😁.
We are so thankful for our fundraising over the years has given us the money to do these projects.

We are so close to reaching our Mystery Matching Donor goal!

If you haven’t had a chance to donate, there are only two days left. Please visit today and help us reach our goal! We are so close!

#soclosetoourgoal #weloveourtrees #downtownsunprairie #donatetoday
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2 months ago

Sun Prairie Dream Park


We are getting closer to our goal thanks to the Exchange Club of Sun Prairie and their $1,000 gift to the Sun Prairie Dream Park in honor of first responders who have volunteered hours of their time at the Dream park.

That puts us at $6,225 of our $8000 goal!!!

We are so close!!!

Click on the QR code below or visit

To make a donation of any size today!

Your donation makes needed repairs, new equipment and a maintenance fund for future repairs possible for the most popular playground in Sun Prairie 😍

#downtownsunprairie #SunPrairieStrong #exchangefitscommunities #donatetoday❤️ #sunprairiefiredept #sunprairiepolicedepartment #sunprairieems
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One of the most rewarding things about volunteering at the Dream park over the years is all the stories of family fun and celebrations we have been a part of or heard about.

None of them however, have touched me as profoundly as a mother who contacted me thru our website at

Her husband had passed away and she wanted to do something to help her son grieve. The Sun Prairie Dream Park was a place the father and son spent hundreds of hours playing and she wondered if there was some way she could honor his memory there.

She chose to sponsor this bench on which we placed a memorial plaque and then arranged a photographer to create this picture during the unveiling. Experiencing the joy on the boy’s face was beyond description not to mention her donation was a blessing for the Dream Park when all our fundraisers had been cancelled.

Thank You Jessica for your touching gift and all you have done for the Sun Prairie Dream Park! We are so grateful for your generosity!

R.I.P Quincy Tuck

#downtownsunprairie #thankfulgratefulblessed
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We have crossed the half way mark to our goal clocking in at $4,500 raised! We are so very lucky to have such generous friends helping us make the rubber resurfacing, picnic tables, swings and more possible.

A special shout out to Futureheatingcooling for their VERY generous donation of $500. What a boost toward out goal that was! Thank you Future Heating and Cooling!

We have just a little over a week to go to meet our goal! If you have enjoyed all that the dream park has to offer please Visit
Or scan the QR code below to make a fast and easy donation today of any amount.

#downtownsunprairie #visitsunprairie #donatetoday #supportspdreampark
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Merry-go-rounds have come a long way since We were kids! AND more inclusive for a wide range of abilities. Thank you Facebook friends for supporting the Dream park and our Mystery Matching Donor Campaign so that we can make fun improvements like this possible. We have 10 days to go and are getting close to our goal of $8,000.

Visit today to make a donation!

#dreamparkfun #downtownsunprairie #donatetoday❤️
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2 months ago

Sun Prairie Dream Park


And what a beautiful Monday morning it is! Not only is there another warm sunny to enjoy day but we also are nearly half way to our goal!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of the generous donors whose $20 and $50 donations got us this far! We are so grateful for your generosity.

If you would like to donate to the Sun Prairie Dream Park and help us reach our goal, visit

for a quick and easy way to donate thru PayPal or mailing a check.

#downtownsunprairie #visitsunprairiedreampark #donatetoday
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