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No matter the size,
your gift makes a difference!



Our deepest thanks and gratitude to our Mystery Matching Donor who was an organization that Peter Yelk and a large handful of guys started in the early 1990’s with the non-profit mission to make Sun Prairie parks better for all who visited.  From buying and installing equipment to funding successful Softball tournaments, this group of good guys did  a lot of great things for Sun Prairie.  As the group disbands this year and makes its final generous donation, I am truly honored that they chose the Sun Prairie Dream Park to add to their legacy.

Because of the funds we raised and the matching funds we received, we will be able to make the much needed repairs to the playground!

*Repairing the poured-in-place rubber walkways that are now over 10 years old.   Multiple large and small holes will be repaired and a durable 2″ layer will be added to all the walkways.

*Help buy the materials needed to replace the mural inside the playground and work with local high school artists to create a new design.

*Add new swings and picnic tables

*Repair roof peaks on the decorative tile columns

*Add new handicapped accessible merry-go-round near playground entrance.


A GIANT THANK YOU to our mystery donor and everyone who

donates to keep the dream park looking beautiful!



Our success depends on YOU!

Since we are NOT funded by the city of Sun Prairie, your generous tax-free donation helps with annual repairs, adding new equipment, stocking/cleaning bathrooms, maintaining the 100-year-old Oak trees, and much more. Whether you donate $5 in the donation canister at the park, mail a check, or donate online today, your gift makes a difference!

Everything we provide is FREE!

It has been proven that parks increase happiness and decrease stress in the individuals that have access to them. The Sun Prairie Dream Park provides a space lush, green and full of large trees where physical activity is encouraged. The best part? It costs you nothing. Whether you visit us for our special events, to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy the fresh air, it is affordable to everyone.

We Give Back!

The importance of parks can also be seen in the economic benefits they possess. We love being located in beautiful downtown Sun Prairie! Our location makes it easy to order a pizza to be delivered while you play, stop for coffee on the way, or treat yourself to a wonderful lunch on the way home. Our volunteers work hard to keep the dream park clean and well maintained so that we are sure to increase in property value, business traffic and, in the end, the tax base of that community.

Don’t want to donate online? You can mail your check made payable to Firemen’s Park in the Prairie to:

Firemen’s Park in the Prairie
C/O Rebecca Ketelsen
3137 Bull Run
Sun Prairie, WI. 53590

Please donate to support this non-city funded playground.
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